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Big Game

In an “Off shore fishing-big fish” in the Adriatic we hunt turbot (Euthynnus pelamys) with an average size of 30 kg, little tunny (Euthynnus alleteratus) up to 20 kg, bonito (Sorda sorda) up to 10 kg, as well as amberjack (Seriola dumerilli Risso) up to 50 kg, swordfish (Tetrapturus belone) up to 30 kg, dentex (Dentex dentex) up to 15 kg and sea-bass (Dicentrahus labrax) up to 15 kg.

This hunt offers great chances for good and rich catch and is available for skippered charter. Our shippers can take you to the best fishing spots. They are proffessionals with years of fishing experience in Croatian waters, specially in Mid Adriatic fishing area.

The boat ”Artena” (got its name from a bird) is 11 m long and 3 m wide. Its engine power of 2×250 HP (Cummins) gets the speed of 30 NMh (cruising speed 20 NMh). The boat is equipped with supreme tackles like GPS, fish finder, echo-sonder, rods, rollers and reels as well as all kinds of natural and artificial baits. You can also find some additional fishing equipment like fish-hooks, fish-trops or harpoons.

”Bonito” is our second boat. It is 8.40 m long and it’s engine power of 2×130 HP (Volvo) gets the speed of 30 NMh (cruising speed 20 NMh).

The fish are being caught by the trolling, jigging, drifting or long-lining techniques. These exciting fishing activities are held during the day or at night, one or more than one day trip with an organising accomodation in our accomodation facilities.

One-day fishing trip – description

Departure from the Jezera port is usually around 09.00 am and you will be welcome by the captain and his assistant.  The boat is fully equipped with all necessary fishing equipment (fishing rods, natural baits).

Price includes a refreshing drink and one (dry) meal.

Departure from the harbor towards the open sea (4 to 5 miles away of the last island).

Depending of what we want to catch, we can waiting (e.g. for the tuna), usually with drifting technique or we can search for fish with fish finder or echo sonder. Also, we can fishing using some other technique (trolling, jigging, drifting or long-lining techniques).